2003 - Design and Development of a Multilingual Terminological Database for the domain of Applied Linguistics

“Design and Development of a Multilingual Terminological Database for the domain of Applied Linguistics”
A. Chidiroglou, P. Arvanitis, P. Panagiotidis.
In the proceedings of the 4th Congress “Greek Language and Terminology” organized by the ELETO. pp. 255-262. TEE, Athens 2003.

This article aims to describe the design and creation of a terminology database capable to operate as a multilingual dictionary of terms referring to Field of General and Applied Linguistics. The text analyzes the basic methodological principles applied and the choices had to be made to the architecture of the database, in order to meet the requirements raised by both the type of storage linguistic information and the way their classification, and the possibility profiled export and swap them with other systems and the need for harmonization of Base with recognized international standards.

"Interactive multimedia: Use and applications in language teaching and learning in Information Society"
In the proceedings of the 11th Symposium on Applied Linguistics organised by the Department Of English Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University Studio Press, Thessaloniki 1997, pp. 273-278.

This paper refers to the need for wider use and exploitation of new technologies in the Science of Language and the new field of "Information Society". At first finding an ever increasing need to learn more than one foreign language and the need to use new technological capabilities and tools that can enhance language teaching. Thus the use of interactive multimedia acquires special significance.

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