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1997 - Interactive multimedia: Use and applications in language teaching and learning in Information Society

"Interactive multimedia: Use and applications in language teaching and learning in Information Society"
In the proceedings of the 11th Symposium on Applied Linguistics organised by the Department Of English Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University Studio Press, Thessaloniki 1997, pp. 273-278.

This paper refers to the need for wider use and exploitation of new technologies in the Science of Language and the new field of "Information Society". At first finding an ever increasing need to learn more than one foreign language and the need to use new technological capabilities and tools that can enhance language teaching. Thus the use of interactive multimedia acquires special significance.

Then describes the possibilities of interactive media and their applications so far and it is argued that the introduction in the educational process, particularly in the teaching of foreign languages , can function enhancers, to improve the provided knowledge and develop new proposals modern learning or self-learning. In the above context, the work shows the nature and concepts of interactive multimedia, uses that have the potential to find applications in the field of foreign language teaching , and deliver key considerations for the position they are seeking today, not only in the " Information Society", but also " Education Society".


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