2012 - Emerging web technologies in language learning. Virtual and augmented reality

Emerging web technologies in language learning. Virtual and augmented reality.
University Studio Press editions, Thessaloniki 2012. (pages 140 - in greek).

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are, in recent years, an important, if not integral, part of everyday life for millions of people. Having already produced a significant number of changes in the economic, social and cultural level and offer a growing momentum in the educational process.

This development was the number of technological changes that have occurred in recent decades, coupled with the emergence of the Internet and the Web. Especially today, this new form which has transformed the Web seems to create a new and powerful environment of increased social interaction in which users have the ability to collaborate, communicate, create their own content and use services in a free, and to a certain extent , not centrally controlled and directed manner. The first chapter of this book describes briefly the course of the Web the last fifteen years and the important milestones of evolution. Analyze the major components and reviewe briefly the emerging technologies that will occupy us. We also discuss, in particular the question of the relationship of modern Web technologies in the educational process and especially with their application in the foreign language classroom. The second chapter introduces the reader to always timely technology of virtual reality and the possibilities it offers to the scientific field of the Teaching of Foreign Languages - Cultures. The third chapter analyzes the emerging technology of augmented reality and potential applications for language learning. The fourth section comprises the detailed description and the installation process , implementation and operation of a virtual world for educational use . Finally , an attempt , first , a methodological approach and targeted language activities that can design and develop the confines of a virtual world. This first experiment is the contribution of this essay on how emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, can promote research within the foreign language classroom.

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