"Development of Multimedia Material and electronic activities for lagnuage education"
Panagiotidis, P. & Arvanitis, P.,  2005.
Patakis Publications, Athens 2005. pp. 140

This book is designed to help the teacher of  language courses to transfer part of his work on the Internet, either for  use in the classroom with him naturally present, whether for teaching in remote audiences. For this purpose, the acquisition of additional technological knowledge, beyond basic office applications and simple web browsing, it is imperative, as the teacher must be able to supply the computer with all kinds of original texts (written, multimodal, sound or optical), prepare exercises and activities based on this material and, of course, puts all this teaching / learning materials on websites, to operate online. As the departments of foreign languages, and the literary and pedagogical departments are major official initial training bodies professor of foreign or mother tongue, the development of technological skills should be one of the objectives of the curriculum. Helping lessons learned, it is the purpose of this treatise: the aim is to support the pre or post-graduate students and generally teachers of language courses, analyzing the original text conversion process any kind of digital computer files, and systematically explaining use tools and production of language exercises.

Emerging web technologies in language learning. Virtual and augmented reality.
University Studio Press editions, Thessaloniki 2012. (pages 140 - in greek).

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are, in recent years, an important, if not integral, part of everyday life for millions of people. Having already produced a significant number of changes in the economic, social and cultural level and offer a growing momentum in the educational process.

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