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2021 - Digital Storytelling and Augmented Reality-Based Scenarios for Foreign Language Teaching

Arvanitis Panagiotis & Krystalli Pinelopi (2021). Digital Storytelling and Augmented Reality-Based Scenarios for Foreign Language Teaching. Editor: Matthew Montebello, [IGI-Global], DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6745-6, ISBN13: 9781799867456


The main goal of this chapter is to discuss some of the most useful language teaching digital tools, then to analyze their features as well as their potential uses from the perspective of a language teacher. It attempts to outline a practical framework for implementing digital storytelling (DST) and augmented reality (AR) concepts in the field of language teaching and to provide handy guide training scenarios for use in the foreign language classroom. In addition, it focuses on the reinforcement of motivation and engagement that DST and AR can cause in foreign language teaching process due to their playful character. The chapter consists of two main sections: In the first section, the authors briefly discuss the new era of mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) and the significant changes it brings to the field of language teaching and learning in relation to DST and AR. In the second section, they discuss some of the current language teaching digital tools and environments, examine their most important features and suggest DST and AR-based scenarios for language teaching.


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