2002 - Uses of Multimedia Databases Systems – MMDBMS) for translating purposes

"Uses of Multimedia Databases Systems – MMDBMS) for translating purposes".
In the proceedings of the 1st International Conference in Translation (Translating in the 21st Century: "trends and Prospects", Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, pp.402-415. University Studio Press, Thessaloniki 2002.

This article presents the most important uses of Multimedia Database in the ever - evolving scientific field of Translation. First noted that the Database Systems and efforts for the automatic classification of "information language" of particular concern to the wider field of Language Sciences. Significant efforts can already recorded in the wider area of lexical and lexical research, and in the area of text recognition and automatic translation.

However, especially in the field of semi-automatic or automatic translation is not possible for the automatic ranking, recall, and their translation of "linguistic information", when it is produced by a variety of means, due both limited and incomplete even tools that technology provides, and the very nature of language which is by definition a complex gradient. In this paper it is argued that the Multimedia Databases, who can manage text, image and sound, combined with the technologies developed in the fields of information retrieval and extraction can play an important role towards the control of the generated ' linguistic information. "They say, be a powerful tool for both classification of linguistic material and the gradual renewal, and to perform multiple tasks on the already stored data. The development of such modern control tools, storage, management and transmission of "linguistic information" could be fully and efficiently support their translation purposes.


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