2018 - Self-Assessment and immediate feedback in language learning.

Self-Assessment and immediate feedback in language learning. 

Krystalli, P., & Arvanitis, P. (2018). Self-Assessment and immediate feedback in language learning. Proceedings of 11th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, (ICERI 2018). Seville 12-14/11/2018, (pp. 2066-2072). Seville, Spain: International Academy of Technology, Education and Development (IATED). ISBN: 978-84-09-05948-5

 Researches have proven that self-assessment is a key learning strategy for autonomous language learning, as it provides information that can change goals, strategies, and effort sharing. In language learning, language competence is linked to the presence and degree of autonomy. The autonomous learner must be able to assess the quality of the methods used, control the outcome of his /her actions in order to determine what real goals he/she has achieved. Therefore, self-assessment is a process that allows the learner to judge both the outcome of his or her effort and the quality of the acquired knowledge in relation to predetermined goals. Self-assessment in online activities is ensured by immediate and informative feedback. To provide constant challenge and motivation feedback must be: a) clear; b) frequent; c) constructive; and d) encouraging.

In this paper we will try to define the relationship between self-assessment and autonomy language learning and present the pedagogical benefits of immediate, clear and constructive feedback. To that end, we will study some of the instant response systems, that allow self-assessment and understanding and offer the opportunity to language instructors for an immediate feedback.




Keywords: Mobile assisted language learning, language learning, language activities, foreign language.

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